Introducing: Gamma Project

What’s happening, everyone? My name is Dean Stattmann, and it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Gamma Project!

What is Gamma Project all about?

This podcast is dedicated to wide-ranging, exploratory interviews with the world’s most creative, successful, and interesting people. Now, the goal of this podcast is two-fold. On the one hand, you’ll gain insight into the lives of extraordinary individuals. But, more than that, this show is about deconstructing their philosophies, patterns, and routines, and distilling them into game-changing strategies and tactics that you, the listener, can implement into your own life. Simply put, this podcast is for people like me who are interested in improving all areas of their lives—from career and relationships to health and happiness—by following the examples of the brightest, most inspiring minds on the planet.

Why is this podcast called Gamma Project?

To explain that, allow me to get science-y for a moment. If you have ever encountered the term ‘flow’ in the context of performing a task with relative ease, or heard someone talk about that feeling of being “in the zone,” whether it’s at work or on the sports field—that feeling of being so plugged in to the moment that you almost don’t have to think about what you’re doing—that is what is called a ‘gamma state.’ Gamma brainwaves, which fire during this state, travel at the fastest documented frequency of any other waves in the brain. The gamma state is a window during which we are at our most focused and productive.

(Side note: Interestingly, research suggests there are actually quite a few different ways to induce a gamma state, ranging from meditation to laughing to listening to music with a certain bpm—but we’ll get there in the show!)

Ok. End of science lesson.

That said, this is not a podcast about brainwaves or neuroscience or Bradley Cooper’s role in Limitless. This is a podcast about performance. It is a personal project that I am embarking on with the goal to identify and analyze the qualities, quirks, and conscious decisions that allow high-performing professionals to operate on an elevated plain and achieve extraordinary results.

Now, when I say this is a ‘personal project,’ that is exactly what I mean. Simply, I created this podcast for me. Of course, I’m making it available to everyone, yourself included, but I think of that as more of me sharing these conversations rather than producing them to cater to any particular audience. I’m deeply interested in this stuff, and invested in my own personal growth. Every question I ask, I’m asking because I am genuinely interested in the response. As a result, these interviews turn out to be tremendously rewarding—at least for me. But if I can benefit from them, I can only imagine you might, too.

Due to the nature of the information I’m after—again, thoughtful insights from the world’s greatest overachievers—interviews will occasionally run quite long, ranging from 45 minutes to upwards of two hours. If that last part piqued your interest, you’re exactly the kind of person who will click with this podcast. My job is to uncover the things that matter—the things that surprise you, things that genuinely inspire. These aren’t concepts you can learn during the course of an elevator ride. In many cases, the most valuable information we’ll uncover is deep beneath the surface, and getting to it takes work—questions, anecdotes, digressions… even silence! And that takes time.

But, by the end of each episode, you will have learned things that you could not possibly find anywhere else, even in other interviews—be it in magazine QnA’s or videos online—even with the exact same people you’ll meet on this podcast. That’s the beauty of this format and what attracted me to the idea of creating this podcast in the first place.

Podcasters like Tim Ferriss and Chase Jarvis follow a similar model. I love their shows—those guys are my inspiration—and my favorite way to enjoy them is to savor them, listening to 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there, on the way to work, while washing the dishes at home. Sometimes, it can take me three days to get through a single episode.

I find that this way I’m able to retain the most information, and sometimes it’s just nice to let an idea sink in, and take the time to consider how you could apply it to your own life, before continuing on to other concepts. Anyway, that’s how I listen to podcasts, and it’s just one way for you to enjoy this one. If you want to blast through each episode in one sitting, go for it!

Once again, and I really and truly mean this: Thank you for taking the time to check out Gamma Project. We’re all busier than ever, and I know how valuable your time is. If I do my job properly, you’ll make it back tenfold.

Thank you, and enjoy the show!


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