Jason Feifer: Going Viral, First-Time Parenting, Multitasking, and Public Speaking

Jason Feifer (@heyfeifer) is Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur magazine, and host of not one, but two podcasts—Pessimists Archive, about the history of unfounded fears of innovation, and Problem Solvers, about how entrepreneurs solve unexpected problems in their business.

They are both excellent podcasts, and Pessimists Archive is one of the most meticulously produced shows out there; after listening to just one episode of this show, you’ll find it hard to believe Jason has time to do anything else, let alone run a national media brand.

Of course, that’s not all Jason does. In addition to Entrepreneur and the podcasts, Jason is the creative mind behind viral sites such as Crossing.usHeat Fan SoundsBad NBA Songs, and Selfies at Funerals.

He also just co-wrote a novel with his wife, titled Mr. Nice Guy, which will come out in October from St. Martin’s Press.

Prior to Entrepreneur, Jason has been an editor at Fast Company, Men’s Health, Maxim, and Boston, and has written for New York, ESPN, Slate, GQ, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, and others.

To kick off this wide-ranging interview, we start with the topic of parenting. I ask Jason about how he knew he was ready to become a father. As expected, Jason answers the question perfectly, even throwing in a couple of tips for new parents.

From there, we talk about a skill every new parent (as well as the rest of us) could benefit from picking up—juggling numerous projects at the same time. Jason is a master multitasker. He explains how he finds the energy to keep so many different plates spinning at once, as well as the apps he uses to increase productivity and stay organized.

There’s a great part in this interview where Jason talks about knowing your worth and getting what you deserve. Part of that is laying out all of your skills and making sure you’re fully activating them to further your brand or business.

Jason recently grew his personal business to include speaking engagements, and one of my favorite tips in this interview comes when Jason explains how he is able to nail a speech without memorizing a single line.

Of course, there is a ton of advice for newly minted entrepreneurs, like how to know when your new business or product is ready to take to market. Here, Jason talks about putting yourself to the test before you put your business to the test.

And no Feifer interview would be complete without talking about selfies. Jason is widely regarded, by media around the world including The New York Times, as the international authority on selfies. He tells the story of how a simple Tumblr page became an overnight viral sensation, and how he parlayed that opportunity into a whirlwind of media attention.

In that same vein, we cover strategies for growing your audience, as well as what to do with that megaphone once you get it, to maximize your resources for the greatest return.

One thing is for sure: There is a lot of return to be gained from this conversation, should you choose to invest your time in it.

Also, today’s episode is a special one, for me personally. Not only is Jason one of the people who encouraged me to create this podcast, this conversation is the first interview I recorded for the show.

And there’s evidence of that.

As it turns out, microphones—at least the kind that I use—have a front and a back. And if you speak into the back, instead of the front, your voice sounds distant.

Fortunately, Jason sounds great, because it was in fact my mic that was flipped the wrong way around—at least, that’s what I suspect happened.

Thankfully, this show is about the guests—not me. And few people out there can impart as much practical knowledge, and in as accessible and relatable a manner, as Jason Feifer.

I hope you will find this conversation as informative and inspiring as I did. And if you do, please subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher, and RSS (ratings and reviews are appreciated, too!).

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