Shom Chowdhury: Turning Thoughts Into Actions and Reverse-Engineering your Ideal Life

After launching his career as a management consultant and spending the better part of two decades hyper-focused on improving the efficiency and profitability of various businesses, Shom Chowdhury (@shomchowdhury) took a turn into the health and wellness world, where he has since become one of the industry’s most prolific tastemakers.

Following a brief period consulting at Juice Press, Shom accepted the position of COO at the company, where he worked to aggressively grow the retail footprint and sales of the now ubiquitous brand.

In 2014, with the goal of providing customers with a more sustainable means to supporting a healthy diet, Shom left Juice Press—whose offering consisted solely of juices and raw foods—to found Indie Fresh and offer a wider assortment of healthy alternatives to popular comfort foods.

In the short span of just three years, the company played a critical role in creating and developing a dialogue about the viability of incorporating healthy foods into a cosmopolitan diet without “dieting,” and it thrust Shom into the nucleus of the New York City fitness industry.

It’s no surprise then that late last year Shom was tapped by international hospitality giant Soho House to serve as its global director of health and wellness.

No more than six months into the job, Shom has grabbed the opportunity by the horns and is already well underway with developing SoHo House’s most comprehensive and exciting global fitness concept to date. (I know because I got to personally sample it during development.)

Using SoHo House as a jumping-off point, Shom and I discuss his creative process, from ideation to execution, as well as the personal habits and tactics that allow him to perform optimally, both physically and mentally.

We also talk about the power of authenticity, how to test whether an idea will sink or swim, and, my personal favorite, how to create a clear vision of your ideal life and then reverse-engineer it into reality.

It’s a productive and inspiring conversation, and I hope you take as much away from it as I have.

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