My name is Dean Stattmann. I’m originally from South Africa, where I was born and lived for 15 years. (Cape Town and then Johannesburg, for those curious.) During high school, my family moved to Zurich, Switzerland, and I lived there for three years before coming to the United States to pursue a degree in journalism at New York University.

Professionally, I’ve spent my entire career in the fitness, health, and wellness world—specifically, media. Most recently, I served as Special Projects Director at Men’s Health, where I developed exciting new brand extensions like events and video series (sometimes combining the two!). Prior to that, I spent a year in London, working on the UK edition of Men’s Health. I’ve also spent time at NBCUniversal as an Editorial Director and Men’s Fitness, where I began my career as an Editorial Intern and ultimately departed as the magazine’s Deputy Editor.

Like everyone else, I’ve had to adapt to an ever-changing media industry landscape. I started out writing and editing exclusively for print. From there, I shifted to online and mobile content. Then came video production. Recently, I’ve shifted my focus to experiential events in an effort to find new, more meaningful ways to connect with audiences.

As you can probably tell, I’m passionate about communication—specifically, connecting people to informative, entertaining, and trustworthy content in innovative ways. So when I look at the arc of my career, it seems only logical that I would eventually find podcasting.

And here we are.